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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications? Do you have references?

  • In business since 1979 and have many long-term clients (30+ years)
  • Property Managers are all licensed through the California Bureau of Real Estate
  • CFG Investments, Inc. BRE# 00853506
  • Laura M. Henshall, President of Corporation BRE# 01091181

How do you keep me informed?

  • Direct phone call with client on any property related matters. (Email and or text to client as directed, but first direct phone call)
  • Clients interface directly with principals of our company.
  • Monthly financial reporting, suitable for presentation to your CPA.
  • Monthly reports are sent to our clients the last day of the same operating month.
  • Clients updated in a timely matter regarding vacant units, and other pertinent items.

How will I receive my income?

  • Monthly draws during the operating month.
  • Direct deposit into your bank account or mailed, per client direction.
  • We are flexible and can arrange any additional draws.

What are your fees?

  • Fees are based on your property’s monthly gross income.
  • We are a full service management and our fees are consistent with the industry.
  • We remain competitive since 1979, our clients always receive the highest value from our management services.
  • We are experienced and accessible

I don’t live in the area. How do I know my property will be maintained if I can’t be there to check it?

  • Our managers visit the properties on a regular basis during the month.
  • Someone is always available 24/7 for your needs.
  • Our office staff and after hours answering service provide live personal contact to our tenants and owners.
  • Our out of state clients are very satisfied with our services and communication.

How do I know you will use qualified vendors who have competitive rates?

  • We use independent vendors, many whom we have worked with for many years.
  • In using various vendors, we get a good picture of fair costs for repairs, and routinely get estimates for these items.
  • Of course, you are always consulted on upcoming planned repairs.
  • Some of our regular vendors give us discounted prices, (passed on to the client) because of our volume.
  • No surcharges of handling charges on invoices – whatever the charge is, is!

Can I specify the type of renter I will or will not accept?

  • CFG Investments honors your preferences for pets or no pets.
  • Federal and local Fair Housing Laws are adhered to.
  • Owners are notified for final approval

How do you advertise for tenants? How are they qualified?

  • Local magazines
  • Internet
  • Ethnic papers
  • Sign on property
  • Referral from other tenants
  • Diligently screen applicants: credit checks, employment checks, prior residency confirmation, etc.
  • Our goal is to fill vacancies quickly with qualified tenants. We understand our tenant base and have a multilingual staff for clear communication, where necessary.

What about insurance coverage?

  • Proper insurance coverage for you is important. Your insurance agent should place a Landlord
  • Insurance coverage on your property.
  • Workers Compensation coverage should be addressed and is an important liability exposure consideration.
  • Our vendors are required to have liability insurance.

What if I have tenant(s) already? Can you take over my property management?

  • Yes, we are happy to take the responsibility over for owners who have existing tenants.
  • We are professionals and can deal with any day-to-day tenant challenges and property concerns.
  • If you are ready to relax and enjoy life, let our team of experienced and licensed property managers help you achieve a worry-free investment.

What kinds of things do you notify me about?

  • Per IRS Rules (concerning active participation in the managing of your property to keep you involved and not a passive investor)
  • We ask for your approval on pertinent expenditures, rent increases and accepted applicants for vacant units.

If you manage my property, can a tenant contact me directly?

  • No, we never release any information without your approval.